GVEA now serves nearly 100,000 Interior residents in Fairbanks, Delta Junction, Nenana, Healy and Cantwell. We also serve Interior residents out to 48-mile Steese Highway, 11-mile Elliot Highway (Haystack Subdivision) and 26-mile Chena Hot Springs Road.

If your lights go out…

-Check with your neighbors to see if they have electricity.
-Check your fuses or circuit breakers and reset your main breaker located at the meter. Keep extra fuses on hand.
-Call GVEA at 452-1151 to report an isolated outage.
-Turn on your porch light. This way our crews will know when power has been restored.
-Turn off and unplug sensitive equipment such televisions and gaming consoles. Equipment with motors, such as refrigerators and furnaces, should also be turned off. Once the power has been restored and has stabilized, you may safely turn on your equipment.
-Remember, it’s your responsibility to protect your sensitive equipment by installing surge protectors and uninterruptible power sources where required.

We strive to provide uninterrupted electric service and we are proud of our reliability record. However, uncontrollable situations such as damaged lines or broken equipment due to weather, vandalism or even vehicle accidents can result in power failures. Whatever the cause, we know it is inconvenient for our members and try our best to get the power back on in a timely manner. By giving us the following information when you call to report an outage, we can more quickly identify and correct the cause of the power outage:

-Member’s name, phone number and service location
-Time the power went out
-Any unusual circumstances, such as broken wires, trees in the line, flashes of light or loud bangs
-If the power returns for a short time and then goes out again, please call us again. We may think the problem has been solved.

Looking for information about major outages?

Delta Junction | 1681 Richardson Hwy. PO Box 909 Delta Junction AK 99737 (907) 895-4500

Nenana | Mile 303.5 Parks Hwy. PO Box 00130 Nenana AK 99760 (907) 832-5481


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